1. Lightnin' Bar Blues
    Tyla's Dogs D'Amour

  2. Jack O’Byte Bluesey Vol. I
    Tyla's Dogs D'Amour

  3. (Everybody Needs) A Friend EP
    Tyla's Dogs D'Amour

  4. In Vino Veritas Acoustica
    Tyla's Dogs D'Amour

  5. A Graveyard Of Empty Bottles MMXIX
    Tyla's Dogs D'Amour

  6. I Don't Love Anyone (More Than I Love You) EP
    Tyla's Dogs D'Amour

  7. In Vino Veritas
    Tyla's Dogs D'Amour

  8. Black Confetti EP
    Tyla's Dogs D'Amour

  9. Homesick Angel (Gaz Remix 2018)
    Tyla's Dogs D'Amour

  10. Live Acoustic '98 (A-Side)

  11. Live Acoustic '98 (B-Side)

  12. Live In New York City

  13. 111 Acoustic Sessions MMVII

  14. Live
    Tyla's Dogs D'Amour

  15. Heart Of Darkness
    Gabriel O'Keefe

  16. Homesick Angel EP
    Tyla's Dogs D'Amour

  17. Vampyres 8 Ball

  18. Jacobites Revenge

  19. Before You Ran Away (demo)
    Tyla's Dogs D'Amour

  20. Connoisseur Of Junk - Electric

  21. Connoisseur Of Junk - Acoustic

  22. The Extraordinarily Fine Line Between Love & Hate
    The Tyla J. Pallas Band

  23. Live
    The Tyla J. Pallas Band

  24. The Sinister Indecisions Of Frankie Gray & Jimmy Pallas
    Spike & Tyla's Hot Knives

  25. Remixes & Rarities
    Spike & Tyla's Hot Knives

  26. A Treasury of The King Outlaw: Doubloons and Diamonds Raided From 1995 - 2015

  27. Nocturnal Nomad

  28. XIII Shades Of Dog Vol. II

  29. XIII Shades Of Dog Vol. I

  30. Balancing The Ships Of Honour

  31. Gold Rings

  32. Best of the Nineties and Naughties (1994-2014)

  33. The Chard Urton Blues Treasury Vol. 6

  34. The Chard Urton Blues Treasury Vol. 5

  35. The Chard Urton Blues Treasury Vol. 4

  36. The Chard Urton Blues Treasury Vol. 3

  37. The Chard Urton Blues Treasury Vol. 2

  38. The Chard Urton Blues Treasury Vol. 1

  39. Another Day Abandoned In Pursuit Of Pleasure

  40. The State We’re In MMXIV

  41. Nights of the Balladmonger Live MMXIV

  42. From Dust To Diamonds

  43. Charmed

  44. Ailments

  45. Flagrantly, Electrically, Acoustically Yours
    Tyla & Spike

  46. Live In London MMXIII

  47. Devil's Supper (Electric Sitting)

  48. The Dogs D'Amour - Cyber Recordings 2013

  49. Devil's Supper (Acoustic Sessions)

  50. Grub

  51. Clobber

  52. A Graveyard of Empty Bottles MMXII

  53. Quinquaginta

  54. Tyla Presents... In the Dynamite Jet Saloon MMX

  55. Bloody Hell Fire

  56. Electric Hellfire Sessions MMX

  57. Bloody Hell Fire Acoustic Demos

  58. The Supreme Demos

  59. In Life... In Love... In Dreams

  60. XIII Shades Of Black

  61. Let Sleeping Dogs...
    The Dogs D'Amour

  62. As It Was How It Is Vol. II - Songs of Murder, Lies, Sex, Love, Pity and Genius

  63. As It Was How It Is Vol. I - Songs of Love, Death, Addiction, And Heartbreak

  64. Gothic & Libertine

  65. Mightier Than The Sword Vol. 2

  66. Mightier Than The Sword Vol. 1

  67. When Bastards Go To Hell
    The Dogs D'Amour

  68. Live... Somewhere In This World...
    The Poet & The Dragon

  69. Fakin' Kant

  70. Passion, Loyalty and Betrayal

  71. Life or Death?

  72. Lullabies for Tough Guys

  73. Double 'T'

  74. The Idle Gait of the Self-Possessed

  75. Seconds
    The Dogs D'Amour

  76. Happy Ever After
    The Dogs D'Amour

  77. A Piece For The Wicked... Vol. I

  78. The Life & Times of a Ballad Monger


Tyla J. Pallas UK

Tyla J. Pallas is an English musician, artist and poet. He first made a name for himself in the late 80’s with rock n’ roll band The Dogs D’Amour. He has since released a prolific succession of albums and toured the world over as a solo artist.

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